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Arts & Interiors

A treasure trove of original art, fixtures and fittings from the 60s and 70s. Many original features still adorn the hotel today, including blown glass chandeliers, gilded lightings and ornate ash wood posts.

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A history lesson in a hotel. 

Outstanding features to look out for around the hotel include: 

František Ronovský

František Ronovský (1929 - 2007) created the Triptych paintings which adorn the walls in the Primátor Foyer as well as the Diana Meeting Room, both in the foyer and inside the room.

René Roubíček

René Roubíček (1922) designed the glass coffered ceiling and the illuminated glass sculpture in the Congress Hall, on the ground floor of the hotel.

Hugo Demartini

Hugo Demartini (1931 – 2010) designed the 16 golden globe lights in the Zlata Praha Restaurant in 1972.


Miloslav Hejný

Miloslav Hejný (1925 – 2013) sculpted the elm wood columns in 1971, creating a monumental set of sculptures for the hotel restaurant with a central fireplace named the Enchanted Forest. Part of the installation has been preserved on the ground floor of the hotel today.

Josef Klimeš

Josef Klimeš (1928) created the wooden wall in 1973 which can be seen today at the Duke´s Bar & Café hotel lobby.

Jiří Rathouský

Jiří Rathouský (1924 – 2003) designed the Map of Prague in 1982 which can be seen today on the wall in the hotel lobby next to the Garage elevator.